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Open Call is for new talent who want to get into the business and also for experienced talent looking for an agent. 

Please also view important information below the list of dates!  We also have Sample Resumes and other paperwork for you to review below.

Open Calls are currently scheduled at our office on the following dates:

There are no Open Calls scheduled at this time.
Please contact our agency for an appointment.


We appreciate your interest in our agency and ask that you send us a package to review or Apply Online before scheduling an appointment.

Please include in your package:  a recent snapshot, your email address, phone number and full contact information.   You may print the application from our Web site to include in your package.

Please mail your package to our Mailing Address at:

Kinetic Studio Network
P.O. Box 23109
Nashville, TN37202

Bring any recent photo (does not need to be a professional photo) and a resume if you have one, listing any previous stage, screen or print experience.

Dress nicely yet casual, preferably in black clothing... nothing baggy.

We are always interested to meet union members or trained and experienced actors and models. Please call to schedule an interview.

We are also finding demand for men and women ages 35 to 60 for commercials and other types of work. Please call us for an interview.

We have individual interviews by appointment, but ask that you come to Open Call first to hear all the basic information about our agency about the industry in Nashville.  Plus, we like to meet everyone in person before scheduling interviews so you feel as comfortable as possible when we see you individually.

Talent Info Sheet to Print: Microsoft Word | Acrobat PDF

If you are coming to an Open Call or a personal meeting or would like to request an interview, please print our Talent Info Sheet and bring it with you or mail it in along with at least one clear, well-lit photograph.

Sample Resume: Microsoft Word | Acrobat PDF

Our Sample Resume depicts the format we prefer as well as particular work categories you should list and also contains our required contact information.