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Image Upload

File Size:

Please have a look on the CD from your photographer for a folder called, "email and web" or "web gallery"... you should find another copy of your images at a more appropriate size, but don't go under 25k either because they could end up grainy.

If you have any image editing programs, like Photoshop or paint or something, you can resize your image to about 400x600 pixels and save as a jpg.

If these options don't work for you still, please email your images to me and we'll take care of it for now.


File Names:

Before you upload your images, please rename the documents on your hard drive (or save another copy on your hard drive with the new name). The best way to name your image document for our system is to use your Stage Name or First and Last Name with no spaces, commas, apostrophes or any other punctuation. For example, "JaneDoeHeadshot1.jpg"

If you try to upload a file with punctuation, you will encounter errors... so if your image file name looks like this --> "john doe's headshot.jpg" please rename it "JohnDoeHeadshot.jpg"

You may upload as many images as you wish.

On each image, you may select to mark that image "Visible." You may wish to upload your images to our server for easy CompCard and Portfolio Print ordering and also for building online portfolios, but not wish that image to appear on your main Talent Page. If so, upload the file, but mark "Visible" as "No" on the upload form. The file will be visible to you and your agency manager as you access your account, but not to anyone else using the system for searching or casting, etc.

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Image Size/Type

Q: I tried to upload my headshots onto my talent profile on your website. However, it said the files were too big. I also tried to upload some other pictures that I took with my own digital camera, and it still said they were too large. What kinds of pictures arent too large, or am I just making some erorr that I don't see. Please write me back because I am eager to start getting my profile working.

A: Our goal is to minimize confusion, however we also have to maintain some method of standardization with images and video and such, so I hope I can help explain what to do.

When you upload images to the Web Site, they need to be less than 150 kb in size and of file type ".jpg"

Generally, when you get a disc from a photographer, there will be one folder with all "high-rez" images in it, and another folder will be marked, "for viewing" or "emailable" or "for web" or something like that. Those images should already be sized down for use on our web site.

The best thing to do with your images from your camera or others is to open the image in Photoshop or PaintShop Pro or any other image editing software and resize the images to be smaller than 800x600 pixels and save them as ".jpg" files with a compression/quality setting in the middle (between 5 and 8 usually is fine).

If you still have issues, please email some of the pictures to me at this email address so I can see if there are any problems and upload them for you.

Edit Image Detail Information
(Change caption, photographer name, etc.)

Q: Hi... I was just at your workshop and I saw my photo on the gallery page and i like it. I am wondering if you could help me to change th caption under the picture?

A: Thank you for writing with your question. I have changed the "Title" of your photo to "Brown Eyed Girl" You can change the caption and other information by logging in, clicking on the "Images" button, and then click on "Edit" next to the photo.

Blurry Images

Q: Today I was looking at My Son's picture on the website's "on line gallery". When I pulled his picture up it looks grainy and not clear. I looked at several other pictures for different people and their pictures were fine. Is there something we can do to clear his picture up?

I have noticed that when I use the disk that the photographer gave me with his pictures and send the picture via email it is not clear. Got any suggestions?

A: On the disk which Heath or other photographers give you... there are several folders with the same pictures in different sizes. It can be confusing, and we'll work with photographers to make it easier.

For now, take a look on the disk and find the same picture's "file name" and a file size of about 100 to 125 kb. The on on the web site now might have ben a "thumbnail" used in the web gallery. There should be the same file in a higher file size on the disk.

You can upload the new image and delete the old one. The file on the server is: Matt_Simmons_Headshot.01.jpg , but might be different on your disk.

Resume Section

The Resume section of our Web Site allows you to upload your current resume as a file and to build an online resume on our system that you can print.

Resume Upload

Uploading your current resume is the easiest way to make your experiences available to our clients.

Before you upload your resume, please rename the document on your hard drive (or save another copy on your hard drive with the new name). The best way to name your resume document for our system is to use your Stage Name or First and Last Name with no spaces, commas, apostrophes or any other punctuation. For example, "JaneDoeResume.doc"

If you try to upload a file with punctuation, you will encounter errors... so if your resume filename looks like this --> "john doe's resume.wps" please rename it "JohnDoeResume.wps"

Resume Builder

We highly recommend you use our resume builder application and start print your resumes from our Web Site, even replacing your document on your hard drive with our online resume. It will be very easy for you to keep your online resume up to date and also have it searchable through our Web Site and through casting Web Sites to which we subscribe.

You may create more than one resume if you have experiences you would target for specific casting directors. (For example, you might build one standard talent resume and another for behind the scenes crew positions if you've had any.)

Your Online Resume is a collection of Resume Sections, Resume Items and Skill Sets.

Your "Special Skills" are taken from your Talent Bio and are automatically updated when you update your Bio.

The Resume Builder lets you choose two ways of building yor resume.

  • First Method: Enter all of your experiences at one time by "Adding Resume Items." Then Add "Sections" to your resume and choose "Section Items" from a drop-down menu on the builder. This will also work for your second resume as all previously entered items are available for other resumes.
  • Second Method: Add all of your ":Resume Sections" first and then add "Section Items" to each section. This may be easier if you already have a previously printed Resume document and would like to enter it into the Resume Builder.

Either way, the result will be the same. You will see on your Resume Builder a "View Printable" button which will present you with a web page formatted for printing your Resume on the back of an 8x10 photograph or on a piece of paper. You could also save the printable document as an HTML document and reformat it in your word processing software (such as Microsoft Word).

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