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This Web site works like software because it is software... we use JavaScript, Pop-Up Windows and Cookies, so please set your browser to allow these things.  The New Internet Explorer may ask you to enable "Intranet Settings".  That would be good.  Also...

Due to recent advances in Security Certificates...

You will notice
the Web site address starts with

https://www.kemc2.net/... etc...

As a member of the KineticStudio Network, our Web site is hosted on the KineticStudio servers in order to fully interact with the central database.  Previously, we masked our domain with the agency domain while you worked with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encrypted areas of our Web site, including the Talent Portfolio Manager and all Agency Admin areas.  However, Internet Explorer 7.0 and some new spyware protection programs put up all sorts of red flags when they detect this type of masking on SSL protected sites.  It is a good thing, really, considering that this sort of masking could be used by hackers.  We only did it to maintain the agency domain name in the address bar of your browser and not make you feel like you left your Agency Web site.  You aren't... it is the same server.

Our Web site is 128 bit SSL encrypted and certificate verified.  We employ every good practice to protect privacy and data security.  We also strive to provide a smooth user experience with integrated data management vision.  Please enjoy this KineticStudio Network Web Site and contact the Webmaster with any further questions about SSL.


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