About Artist-Spotlight.com and KineticStudio Suite


Welcome to Artist-Spotlight.com!

  • Artist-Spotlight.com is a community oriented site designed to provide online portfolio management to artists of all media and genres.

  • Artist-Spotlight.com is one branch of the KineticStudio Production Suite which includes several Websites to specifically serve the different branches of the arts and entertainment industries.  Other sites include:
    • http://www.KineticStudio.net
    • http://www.KineticTalent.com
    • http://www.HyperMusic.com
    • http://www.KineticProducer.com
    • http://www.Kinetworx.com
    • and many more...

  • Kinetic Broadcasting is the consumer facing network which is tied to the KineticStudio Production Suite and Kinetworx.com  Our sites are a network of portals which can serve just about any industry with Project Management, Logistics Management and Human Resources Management
    • Kinetworx.com is providing project, logistics and personnel management tools
      • Production and Talent Industry...for creative and commercial productions.
      • Construction Management and Contracting
      • SCUBA Industry... providing project, logistics and personnel management tools for Dive Centers and Professional Divemasters, Instructors and Boat Captains and Crew.
      • Non Profit and Community Centered Organizations... providing project, logistics and personnel management tools for creative and commercial production.

Kinetic Broadcasting Overview

Kinetic Broadcasting was founded by a William Fantini in 2005 and has served many agency, casting and professional industry clients.

  Please feel free to contact us from our Contact Page.
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