About Our Company

Welcome to kemc2.net and the Kinetic Business Engine!

Kinetic Media Engine LLC has developed an all-encompassing ERP, CRM and Project Management platform that has been working for the film production, casting and talent management industries since 2005.

We are very happy to announce the expansion of the Kinetic Platform to businesses of all kinds!  Your business may already be listed for free on our site, or you may create your account for free.  Once you create your KiNetWorx Business Account, you will be able to build "KiNetWorks" with other businesses to collaborate on projects, cross promote your products and manage your business relationship.

The Kinetic Platform was built from its inception to handle Construction Management, Community Organizing and Business Networking, while it has served as a privatized Intranet and Website Content Management suite for several small to medium sized Talent Agencies.  Kinetic Media Engine LLC has built the entire platform without outside investment by operating as host and developer to many small businesses which have been using the platform.

New in 2016, Kinetic Media is opening the kemc2.net business portal along with KineticBuilder.com, KineticProducer.com, KineticStorefront.com and many other sites to come in 2017.

Thank you for visiting kemc2.net and please contact us with any questions or desire to participate!