About The KineticStudio™ Production Suite



Welcome to the KineticStudio™ Production Management Suite!

KineticStudio™ is a suite of Web Portals designed for the specific needs of Project Management and Collaboration, Logistics and Personnel Management and Online Member Communications to each aspect of Production, Post-Production and Distribution. 

KineticStudio.net is the Media Production Management Portal which enables project collaboration, scheduling, logistics and more to Production Companies, Casting Professionals, Talent Agencies and Cast and Crew.

KineticProducer.com is the Producers and Production Support gateway to the Production Suite.  Create a project and manage it from concept to distribution.  Create the roles and crew positions to fill, the locations for shooting, your shooting schedule and even budgets.  Create overall production Call Sheets and email/text blast updates to your staff, cast and crew.  Integrates with CallSheets.net so every member of your production receives their own personalized Call Sheet with reminders and notifications via our Website and (coming soon) our Mobile Apps.

KineticCasting.com is the professional Casting gateway to KineticStudio.  Once you create your Casting Agency account, you can invite your Clients and your Talent Providers to your Kinetwork Relationships and start collaborating on projects.  You control which agencies to invite for Talent submission and you select which Talent to invite to auditions and/or present to your clients.

Unlike other services, we do not seek to interrupt or replace the proven model of production and the professional chain of command.  We do not expose Producers or Casting Directors directly to Talent, nor do we send out a hundred emails a day encouraging Talent to submit audition video for jobs they will never get.

KineticStudio was built from the ground up to facilitate the working relationships in Film/Television/Theater production.  The founder and lead developer of our software, William Fantini, has many credits as an Assistant Director on large scale productions, not to mention running his own independent studio.  Fantini is also an accomplished actor (SAG/AFTRA) and a professional photographer.

KineticTalent.com is our flagship Talent Portfolio Management and Agency Project Management Website which saves everyone money and time from printing and shipping audition materials and project submissions, while creating a concept-to-distribution tracking system for all assets of a production.



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