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ScubaMojo.com is a social and professional network for underwater enthusiasts of all kinds. We are building a global community of recreational divers, divemasters, instructors, dive shops, manufacturers, scientists and conservationists around one simple edict...
"Be Grateful For Our Planet And Leave Nothing But Bubbles!"

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Welcome to Grateful Divers!

Our Professional Members Site, ScubaMojo.com, is designed to provide networking, project planning and logistics management to Professional Divers, Divemasters, Instructors, Dive Shops, Travel Partners and Non Profit Organizations. Our Network also includes Surfadelic.com for ocean enthusiasts who prefer to ride the waves rather than swim under them.

ScubaMojo.com was founded by William Archer, a.k.a. "The Grateful Diver" who is currently a PADI certified Master/Rescue Diver and Underwater Photographer. William is also a filmmaker, actor, educator, web developer and philanthropist. He is the Executive Director of ORCA Foundation, USA and leads conservation and education programs through ORCA and his newest venture, GratefulDivers.Org

Featured in our directories are Non Profit and Community Centered Organizations... to whom we also provide project, logistics and personnel management tools for creative and commercial production.

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