About KineticStudio and Talentricity


Welcome to the KineticStudio Production Management Suite!

Talentricity.com (a.k.a. KineticTalent.com) is our flagship Talent Portfolio Management and Agency Project Management Website which saves everyone money and time from printing and shipping audition materials and project submissions, while creating a concept-to-distribution tracking system for all assets of a production.

KineticStudio is a suite of Web Portals designed for the specific needs of Project Management and Collaboration, Logistics and Personnel Management and Online Member Communications to each aspect of Production, Post-Production and Distribution. 

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the professional relationships and business conduct between all aspects of the production chain.  We do NOT want to replace agencies or Casting Directors... we want to help everyone do the best job they can do while decreasing cost and improving efficiency in production.

Our Industry Portals include KineticStudio.com, KineticProducer.com, CastAndCrew.biz, TalentPro.biz, CallSheets.net, Artist-Spotlight.com, HyperMusic.com and more!

We have been providing print and marketing services to Talent and Agencies for over twenty years and providing private labeled web/software solutions to Talent Agencies since 2004.

Due to vast changes in the industry and to SAG-AFTRA agency requirements, and to better promote our vision and serve the industry, we have launched our own independent service and are making it available directly to the professional production industry and all its members. 

Our service can still be used to drive an Agency Website, but now our Project Management Solutions and Professional Services can be offered to the industry as a whole!

For on-camera talent, KineticStudio is the ultimate portfolio and professional networking tool.  Giving you an independent portfolio page which can be used by you for self-promotion as well as by your Agency for professional project submission.

The Kinetic Media Engine™ is a proprietary Internet application which has been built and maintained by our Founder and is currently being presented to potential investors to grow the Media Production Suite as well as to venture into Construction Management.

Thank you for visiting our KineticStudio Website and please contact us with any questions or desire to participate!


About Kinetic Media

Kinetic Media Engine, LLC was founded on February 23, 2005 in Delaware and Registered in Tennessee. Kinetic Media is currently a Single Member LLC owned and operated by Founder and President William M Fantini.

A native of Pennsylvania and graduated from Boston University, Fantini moved to Nashville in 1993 after working in Miami, New York and Los Angeles in film production as a Grip, Set Designer/Carpenter, Set Photographer and Assistant Director. 

Initially working as a photographer and graphic designer, he started Imagica Productions and worked with independent labels and musicians, recording artists, book publishers and film/tv producers.  In 1994 he helped to start a color headshot and comp card printing business called ChromaComp.  In 1996 Fantini helped bring ChromaComp 'In-House' at the Omni while also launching a Web Development business serving the Tennessee Bankers Association and its member banks.

In 1998, Imagica Productions (operating as Blue Forest Studio) produced the very first Music Conference Webcast, centered around the Nashville Extravaganza Festival and partnered with Intermedia Cable and The @Home Network (now all part of Comcast) and the Webcast was used as the main herald of the launch of Cable Internet at trade shows and future music conferences.

All along, Fantini had built Filemaker databases and private software solutions to help manage his businesses and productions.  In 1998, he began envisioning an Internet based system that would revolutionize the Casting and Talent Industries, but he had to wait for the Internet to get fast enough and commonly accepted for doing business. 

By early 2003, enough businesses had acquired Cable or DSL Internet for their offices that he knew it was time to collect the various project management database solutions he had created for managing his own projects and by early 2004, had created a full system for Website Content Management, Member Communications via email and text, Member Management, Image Audio and Video Asset Management and Approvals, and a Project Management system that affords the client user the ability to search the Member (Talent) Database by characteristic or skill set to fill a role in a project.

Kinetic Media initially offered the TalentPro Network as a way to private label Talent Agency Websites and create an all enclosed system for talent management, project submission and communications.  By 2005, Kinetic Media had implemented eleven talent agencies and professional organizations in four states.

Many things have changed as the Internet has grown and the Web has become accepted and eventually flooded with various services.  Also, Agency requirements and SAG-AFTRA union requirements have changed and so Kinetic Media has had to change its business paradigm from being behind the scenes serving several agencies, to now launching an independent service that EVERY Agency can use!

The KineticStudio platform also provides a full project management and collaboration solution for Producers, Commercial Photographers, Casting Directors, Production Crew... and all talent members can now create their own projects and creative galleries.

We love Facebook and encourage you to use it for personal stuff... Our service is for your Professional appearance on the Web and to help you manage your and grow your career.

Oh yeah... and...


With great discounts offered to our Premium Members!

Now with an all new QR Code twist so someone can scan the code on your headshot and see your portfolio immediately on their smartphone or computer!

Visit Model-Talent-Pro.com for more information.



About our Founder and Main "Mad Scientist"

William Fantini earned a Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting and Film from Boston University in 1990 and by 2002 earned several Professional Certifications from Learning Tree International, for whom he worked as both freelance instructor and technical editor from 1996-2002. 

Fantini’s employment and partnerships have included being 1st or 2nd Assistant Director on feature films and large scale commercial projects, a freelance instructor and course developer for a Fortune 100 international technology training company called Learning Tree International (LTRE), as a Creative Director for an eLearning Startup and as Managing Partner/Producer for E2 Interactive, the Web division of The Veritas Group in New York City.

Fantini has launched three prior technology/marketing ventures and has continued to fuel his passion for Producing and Directing with several short films, music videos, industrial / training videos and commercials with his Production Company, Imagica Productions.

Having started acting and production in High School, Fantini earned Lifetime Membership to The International Thespian Society in 1986 and became a proud member of SAG-AFTRA  also known as "William Archer."

His years of experience as a Working Actor and On-Camera Talent gives him an intimate understanding of the needs and apprehensions of working performers and artists. 

His desire to contribute to the development of the Talent Community is why Kinetic Media is the host/provider for The Alliance Of Film And Television Actors In Tennessee (AFTA-TN.com).

Fantini is also an avid Scuba Diver and Underwater Photographer.   He is a PADI certified Master Scuba and Rescue Diver and was inspired in 2009 to found ORCA Foundation to produce educational materials and support Ocean Conservancy.

Please feel free to contact us from our Contact Page.