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  • KineticHarmony.org is a social, and socially aware, network created by Digital Solutions Developer, Kinetic Media Engine LLC.

  • KineticHarmony.org provides a searchable directory of Non Profit Organizations, Charities and Community Development Groups including all sorts of resources along with project management and collaboration tools designed specifically for this system.

  • KineticHarmony.org is part of KineticMedia.com and the Kinetic Media Engine.  Your membership to KineticHarmony.org includes membership to all our related Websites to give you tools to promote your artwork, music, film projects... you name it.

  • We also provide services to the Wellness Industry including project, logistics and personnel management tools for Wellness Centers and any type of provider.  Visit HarmonyEngine.com for more information.

  • Featured in our directories are Non Profit and Community Centered Organizations... to whom we also provide project, logistics and personnel management tools for creative and commercial production.

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