Welcome to ORCA Foundation USA

ORCA Foundation has not applied for 501 (c)(3) status.  We are privately funded by our Founder and by our members.  We chose NOT to file for tax exempt status because we like to have a lot of fun while we save the planet and we didn't want anyone to think we were pulling a fast one.  As our organization grows and the scope of our effectiveness increases, we will likely re-incorporate and file for tax exempt status.  Right now... we're not even trying to raise money.  Just to help working organizations and to produce a new documentary series.

ORCA Foundation has a goal of arranging for travel/conservation charters and volunteer vacations.  For this reason, we do not feel we will qualify, or wish to qualify, for "charitable" status... even though our 'corporate structure' is that of a public-benefit non-profit organization.

As membership increases and the size of our management team grows, we may decide to reconsider our charter and re-organize as a 501 (c)(3). 

For now, we are happy to operate as a completely transparent non-profit organization that can accomplish more than a 'charity' organization can achieve because their hands are tied by tax-exempt qualification requirements.

If you wish to get involved with our organization, either as a sponsor, volunteer or manager, please contact our Executive Director William Fantini for more information.



The Plastic Bagfish!

The Plastic Bag in its UNnatural environment. The 'whole' plastic bag is awful because turtles and other animals swallow the bag whole and never digest it... often are unable to pass it either. What happens to the bag as it Photo-Decays (breaks into smaller pieces) is even worse. This bag will eventually break into thousands of tiny pieces and mix in with Plankton and be consumed by every type of fish in the sea. Current estimates regarding our oceans is that the mix of plastic to plankton is about 60/40... plastic wins... everyone else loses!