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ChromaComp.com is the indispensable source for professional marketing and promotion products and services for the fashion, film, video, music and performing arts industries.

ChromaComp.com is affiliated with ModelTalentPro.com and TalentPro.biz so when you are a customer/member of ChromaComp.com your profile is also available on our professional Casting Search Engines and industry networking portals.

ChromaComp.com "Talent Professional Services" represents a network of highly skilled creative and technical personnel who have real-world working experience in the industries we serve.

ChromaComp.com supports our clients and customers by offering the highest quality media production services to further your marketing efforts and promote your career!

ChromaComp.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kinetic Media Engine llc.

Payment processing is managed by Kinetic Media and PayPal invoices are processed as PayPal@KineticMedia.com.


Welcome to KineticStudio Network and Software!

  • The KineticStudio Network Provides Services To:
    • Independently Owned and Operated Talent Agencies
    • Independent Talent Scouts
    • Independent Casting Agencies
    • Photographers
    • Producers, Directors, Assistant Directors, etc.
    • Crew Members
    • Talent - Actors, Models, Performers...
    • TalentPro Web Sites For Global Searches, Including
      • Artist-Spotlight.com
      • ActorSpotlight.com
      • Talent-Spotlight.com
      • New-Faces-Scouting.com

  • KineticStudio Software Provides:
    • Agency Management Tools
      • Web Site Content Management
      • Announcements to Talent Via Email and Text Messaging
      • Electronic Submission and Booking Management
      • Client Management
      • Member Accounting
    • Talent Management Tools
      • Portfolio Management with Pictures, Resumes, Audio and Video Samples
      • Private Announcements from Agency's and Industry Professionals
    • Industry Management Tools
      • Photographer Galleries
      • Casting Director Project Management
      • Producer Project Management

  • Kinetic Media Company Profile
    • The Kinetic Talent Network is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Kinetic Media Engine, LLC
    • Incorporated in Delaware, February 2005
    • Registered To Do Business in Tennessee March, 2005
    • Operated under Kinetic Media as a Sole Proprietorship from 03/1999 to 02/2005, owned and operated by William M. Fantini

  • Talent Professional Services
    • Individual Talent Portfolio
    • Agency Web Site Tools and Search Engine
    • Artist-Spotlight.com, Talent-Spotlight.com, ChromaComp.com, global talent search engines, connected to Agency Databases and driving traffic back to Agency Web Sites
    • Web Site Development
    • Marketing Consultation
  • KineticMedia Founder, William Fantini
    • William Fantini, President of Kinetic Media Engine, LLC and Founder of The KineticTalent Network has worked with Talent Agencies as a photographer, designer, marketing consultant, printing provider and actor since 1991
    • Produced countless musician press kits, album covers, music videos, short films and other marketing ventures with his production company Imagica Productions and his previous marketing agency, Blue Forest Studio.
    • Worked in film, television and video production for many years in Assistant Director Department and as an Associate Producer on other people's productions.

KineticStudio and KineticTalent Overview

The KineticStudio Network is a combination of database management software, self-promotion and marketing tools and Web Site Content Management Tools for talent agencies, all tied to a talent search engine called Artist-Spotlight.com.

On Artist-Spotlight.com, authorized users may search by keywords, location, skills and characteristics and find matching talent and connect with the appropriate agency. Agencies and members can individually choose whether to be hidden from searches.

Models, actors, photographers, makeup artists, etc. can easily build and manage online portfolios, choose a Comp Card template and order prints made and delivered. Our Portfolio Manager lets you view proofs of photo shoots uploaded by your photographer, and then choose which ones to use on your Web site, Comp Card, Business Card.

You can even order your Comp Cards and other printing directly through our site. Make printers bid for your business. Our review system gives you the opportunity to rate vendors and provide feedback. Members helping members.

The KineticTalent Network is a business management Web site that gives agencies, vendors, photographers and members direct and secured access to their relationship matrix and their marketing information.

Agencies can scout talent, manage bookings, generate business contracts from templates and market themselves to advertising and marketing agencies.

Photographers can build and manage their own Photo Portfolios to be made available to potential clients. They can also upload digital photo shoot proofs to be viewed by clients with password access.

Vendors can use our system to market their services directly to the people who need and want them. Member information is kept strictly confidential and never shared with vendors. Our opt-in only policy ensures no unwanted spam to a member.

KineticMedia was built from the ground up to utilize anonymous demographic and location information to provide fuzzy-logic advertising. Advertisers are only paying for advertising seen by people who want their service... it is our job to inspire members to want your services, and we will work with you to build promotions and cross-marketing opportunities to maximize your online initiatives.

The KineticTalent Network is also an eCommerce gateway, connecting industry service providers to agencies, to members and to each other.

KineticMedia is your gateway to the Entertainment Industry. The TalentPro Network is an industry portal with direct lines to Talent Agents, Photographers, Graphics and Printing Services... and, of course, Talent!

You need one piece of software that manages your bookings, your contracts, your suppliers and your creative vision. KineticMedia implements InternetSoftware to tie your business management tools directly to your eCommerce Web site.

Apple Certified Developer

Google Android Developer

VeriSign Authorization

eBay Solution Developer

Nokia Developer

Verizon Developer

Sprint Developer



Original Content Copyright Notice!
We encourage our Artist and Gallery members to only upload original content to which they own or represent ownership in the copyright of that content.  Kinetic Media Engine LLC is the developer and provider of  the Spotlight Websites and The Kinetic Studio Suite.  We do our best to screen all content before it appears on the Website, however, we take no responsibility for the content itself.  Artist-Spotlight.com provides a portal and all content provided to the portal is the sole responsiblity of the portal member who manages the content for their account.  Should you, as a viewer, find any objectionable content or possible copyright infringement, please contact CopyrightOfficer@KineticMedia.com and we will do our best to resolve the situation.

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