KineticStudio is a professional network which facilitates project collaboration between Producers, Commercial Photographers, Casting Directors, Talent Agents and, of course, Talent. 

Unlike other services, KineticStudio does not bombard individuals with project notices.  Projects are created within the KineticStudio system by production professionals and then Agencies are invited to submit their Talent for projects as they see fit. 

Project submissions and requests are monitored and handled by your Agency Of Record on your behalf according to standard business practices.  You will be notified by your Agency via Kinetic Casting™ if you are invited to audition or need to submit any materials electronically or otherwise.

Please Log In to your Talent LaunchPad to review projects for which you have been submitted and/or booked.



Following Are A Sampling Of Projects Being Cast and/or Produced with KineticTalent and KineticStudio

Goodwill Test Project 7
Goodwill Test Project 2
TalentPro User Guide
One In Six Chance
Dance Studio Invitational 2015
Singing In The Rain
STK 40s males
Fletcher Rowley - Flex Plan
IDS CDCR OnSite Training 05/2015
TN Bankers Intranet
CMT Awards Promo
fMontgomery Gentry
Thomas Rhett Music Video
JCP Customers
I Am JC Penny
Male Harmony Singers
Commercial Shooting Tuesday, 2/17
Kip Moore Music Video
Sheriff Reno Hamilton
Cracker Barrel Print Job
Secret Service Men
Mother Goose Dads

And Many Many More... Over 2500 projects so far!



Once a Talent is submitted for a project, they are reviewed by the Project Creator and any collaborating professionals and may be invited to submit an audition or directly booked for the job.  All communications are directed to the Talent Agency which represents and manages their talent. 

No personal contact information of any member is divulged until they are booked for a project and confirmed through the agency, at which time, the Talent will see the project in their Kinetic Talent Dashboard and will be able to access their Call Sheet for the project as well as any scripts or necessary documents which have been made available to our system.

KineticStudio is used by several Talent Agencies and Professional Organizations to manage the content of their Website as well as their Talent Database.  If a Kinetic Talent Member is not currently represented by an agency, all communications will be deliverd to a representative of KineticStudio who may act as intermediary for that project, but will also do whatever they can to find a suitable agency to represent that Talent.



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